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AutoInsuranceFinders.com provides consumers with a simple platform to compare personalized rates from top car insurance companies. Rate estimates are provided for free by participating insurance companies and agencies for each state. AutoInsuranceFinders.com also provides objective advice to help drivers to find the best rate for the best coverage for their needs.

Who Can Really Save You Money on Car Insurance?

Are you confused on how to save money on car insurance? Don't worry, so are a lot of consumers. Car insurance companies are spending a lot of dollars on advertiser to find new customers. There's a good chance that you've seen TV commercials from leading insurance companies. The central messages in most of these commercials are that "We can save you money on car insurance." But can they really?

In short, no company can know for sure until you submit a quote request. A number of factors go into determining your rates, and so you won't know what you'll be quoted until you provide some basic information (vehicle info, coverage info, personal info).

So how do you really save on Auto Insurance? We recommend the following steps, all of which can be done through


  1. 1. Understand what kind of coverage you need
  2. 2. Shop around for quotes from the top insurance companies
  3. 3. Consult with at least one local agent that you like (in addition to getting quotes directly)
  4. 4. Compare your quotes for coverage
  5. 5. Choose the policy with the best coverage relative to its cost

How to Get the Best Price on Your Car Insurance

Just about every state in the US has a minimum coverage law applied to auto insurance. This means that in most cases you need to have some form of car insurance in order to comply with state law.

If you don't get that coverage you could face serious fines of up to $500 dollars, the suspension of your license, and eventually even jail time!

Not to mention the catastrophic costs you could incur if you were in a serious car accident without auto insurance.

But how can you get the best and most affordable coverage in your state? Each state has its own set of rules and regulations regarding auto coverage. To find out what your own state requires, you can check with your state's insurance office, or you can speak to a knowledgeable car insurance agent who can advise you in the amount of coverage you need.

But to get the lowest price, you need to get a variety of auto insurance quotes from several different companies. Shopping around is the best way to get affordable coverage, bar none.

Before you begin, it's a good idea to check the status of your own driving record. Do you have any outstanding tickets? If so, be aware that your costs could be higher. If you're not sure about your driving record, contact your local DMV.

Next, if you're in the market for a new car, consider a lower-cost vehicle. Expensive cars require expensive car insurance, and you can save hundreds or even thousands of dollars a month by opting for a less expensive vehicle.

Consider mileage too. If you drive a lot, then your insurance costs will definitely go up. Compare auto insurance quotes from a variety of mileage charts. If you can save a lot of money by taking the bus to work every so often, or even walking, it could definitely be worth the effort.

Choose a car that has a high safety rating. The higher your safety rating, the cheaper your auto insurance will be. Do some research on which cars suit your needs and offer the kind of ratings that can save you money.

If you aren't purchasing a new car, but want to make some changes to your existing vehicle that will save your auto insurance costs, try installing safety devices. New devices like GPS, a central locking system, and even LoJack can lower your costs.

If you're looking to lower your premiums, try going with a higher deductible. You'll pay less on the front end. However, keep in mind that in the event of an accident or the need for auto repairs, you'll pay more before that deductible kicks in. When you speak to auto insurance agents get quotes for a variety of plans with different deductibles so you can work out the most affordable plan for your car.

Finally, while it's very important to shop around and get multiple auto insurance quotes, it also pays to consider purchasing your car insurance in a package deal. Sometimes, if you get your car insurance, home owners insurance and life insurance from the same company you can save a percentage that lowers your overall costs

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What Kinds of Auto Insurance Discounts Are Available?

Be sure to ask your insurance company if there are discounts available if you are also a Homeowner with coverage underwritten by the same insurance company.

Start your auto insurance rate quote and see what kind of discounts are available for you.