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Who Can Really Save You Money on Car Insurance?

Are you confused on how to save money on car insurance? Don't worry, so are a lot of consumers. Car insurance companies are spending a lot of dollars on advertiser to find new customers. There's a good chance that you've seen TV commercials from leading insurance companies. The central messages in most of these commercials are that "We can save you money on car insurance." But can they really?

In short, no company can know for sure until you submit a quote request. A number of factors go into determining your rates, and so you won't know what you'll be quoted until you provide some basic information (vehicle info, coverage info, personal info).

So how do you really save on Auto Insurance? We recommend the following steps, all of which can be done through


  1. 1. Understand what kind of coverage you need
  2. 2. Shop around for quotes from the top insurance companies
  3. 3. Consult with at least one local agent that you like (in addition to getting quotes directly)
  4. 4. Compare your quotes for coverage
  5. 5. Choose the policy with the best coverage relative to its cost

Car Insurance By State Information for: Virginia

Car Insurance in Virginia

Unlike many other states, Virginia only requires its drivers to own Uninsured Motor Vehicle (UMV) Coverage. UMV does not offer financial protection, therefore it is highly recommended to own liability insurance coverage. If this coverage is purchased, minimum amounts required are of:

  • $25,000 to pay for one person, bodily injury or death,
  • $50,000 per accident to pay for bodily injury or death, and
  • $20,000 for property damage.

Payment of the UMV fee will allow the owner of the vehicle to register an uninsured motor vehicle. When registering the vehicle, the owner must certify if the vehicle has or hasn't the proper insurance policy.
The benefit of having Uninsured motorist coverage is that regardless whose fault was the accident, each one gets paid by their own insurer, making it quicker since the time used to determine fault will e absorbed by the insurance companies.

When the car is uninsured, DMV will require the payment of a $500 fee additional to the normal registration fees. This fee does not provide any insurance coverage, if the driver is involved in an accident and is responsible for it; he or she will be held personally liable.
Uninsured Motorist Coverage is a $500 fee with a validity of 12 months and is the only requirement by the state of Virginia.

It is also required for drivers to carry with them at all times, a copy of proof of any car insurance coverage they have (mandatory or optional coverage). It is common for insurance companies to provide their insured with an ID card demonstrating the ownership of the right policy and other important information.

In addition to all previously mentioned types of insurance coverage, there are other common types to widen your range of protection.

Such additional coverages are collision and comprehensive. First one, Collision coverage, is intended to protect your vehicle and restore it after a collision. Collision will pay for any reparations needed to fix physical damage caused by crashing your vehicle either into another vehicle or against a non moving object, like a wall, light pole or tree. It will cover any type of collision, regardless the intensity of it.

Comprehensive coverage will pay to fix your vehicle after it has suffered an accident with anything other than another vehicle. Such accidents can be floods, tornados, wild fires or fire in a parking lot, theft, vandalism or running over any animal on the road. It is highly recommended to own this type of coverage for those drivers living in states where any of the previously mentioned situations are often encountered.

Neither Collision nor Comprehensive coverage will pay for any medical or legal expenses derived from an accident. Their sole purpose is to fix physical damage your vehicle may suffer, considering that most of the mandatory types of coverage are intended to help you pay for injuries or damage you may inflict into others, leaving your own property unattended or at risk.

Why Car Insurance?

First reason why you need Auto or Car Insurance is because it is required, in almost all 51 States, to have auto liability insurance.

Auto Insurance is there to protect your assets. If you are involved in a car accident, auto insurance will help you take care of medical bills, the cost of reparation for vehicles involved, even sew costs (this may vary, depending on the insurance plan you have selected).

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What Kinds of Auto Insurance Discounts Are Available?

Be sure to ask your insurance company if there are discounts available if you are also a Homeowner with coverage underwritten by the same insurance company.

Start your auto insurance rate quote and see what kind of discounts are available for you.